CSP.ph is a cloud-based application requiring only a monthly subscription and no additional investments in infrastructure or IT staff. All you need is an internet connection and a browser and you’ll be live and connected to your citizens like never before in one week!

Cloud Solutions

A public-facing Windows Azure Web Portal connected to a Dynamics CRM application that is meant to be an LGU’s “single point of contact” with its citizens on the Internet.

LGU to Citizens

Allows LGUs to publish any digital information (text, audio, video) that is relevant to its citizens.

Citizens to LGU

Allows citizens to report any incident or event (service requests) requiring the attention of any department within the LGU.

Case Management

Allows the LGU’s departments to automate and track the status and resolution of citizens’ service requests.


Allows the LGU’s managers to measure the service levels of departments and provide those metrics in real time to its stakeholders.

See how Bgy. San Lorenzo in Makati City serves its constituents better using CSP.ph.




CSP.ph - Citizen Services Portal of the Philippines

The Citizen Services Portal of the Philippines or CSP.ph is a business unit of Gurango Software whose goal is to give back to the community by empowering local government units (LGUs) to more efficiently and transparently serve their constituents.

CSP.ph is both the company name and the product. CSP.ph is a public-facing Microsoft® Windows Azure® Web Portal that allows constituents to more easily and conveniently report concerns as well as transact with their LGU.

CSP.ph was founded by Joey Gurango and Ton Ancheta last May 2013.

Gurango Software Corporation

GSC is a full-service solutions provider across enterprise resource planning (ERP), human capital management (HCM), and all core Microsoft technologies. They offer full customization services on all products; systems integration including integration to third-party products; hosted IT infrastructures; data migration, and a comprehensive range of support packages to suit businesses of all sizes and categories.

GSC is a Microsoft dedicated provider of Dynamics ERP solutions (AX, GP, and CRM).

Partnership with Microsoft

CSP.ph, through GSC, has partnered with Microsoft to deliver this feature-rich, easy-to-use and completely affordable technology that bridges the gap between the government and its constituents.

CSP.ph runs on the same technology platform that powers the web portals for the City of London, UK, San Diego County in California, USA and in Biscay, Spain.


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